Links to other BMC Classic Car Clubs and car related websites.

Adrian Flux Insurance Classic Car Insurance
Austin Longbridge Federation
Austin Longbridge Federation For information on Austin and Longbridge Factory History as well as Events.
Austin Memories
Austin Memories For information on Austin History.
AMRWR The Austin, Morris, Riley and Wolseley Register for all BMC/Leyland vehicles in Holland.
AMWF Austin Morris Friends Swiss. A Swiss based club for Austin, Morris and Wolseley enthusiasts.
Artbybex Contemporary Artist of legendary iconic cars.
Blue Streak Six
Blue Streak Six A website for the Austin Freeway and Wolseley 24/80 Australia.
B.M.C 6 Cylinder Farinas
B.M.C 6 Cylinder Farinas BMC 6 Cylinder Farinas in Canada.
British Motor Museum
British Motor Museum The British Motor Museum at Gaydon is one of the world's largest collections of British Cars and holds an immense archive and pictorial library.
British Car Museum, Hawkes Bay, NZ
British Car Museum, Hawkes Bay, NZ A unique private collection of more than 400 classic British vehicles & memorobilia which includes pictures of our type of cars.
British Made Car Club
British Made Car Club A club for all makes of car built in Great Britain.
Classic Cars For Sale A website where you can find classic cars for sale.
FERTAN Rust Converter Products for Classic Car Enthusiasts
F.B.H.V.C. Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs. A group of over 450 clubs set up to uphold the freedom to use older vehicles.
Footman James Insurance Classic Car insurance quotes, renewals, or request support in real time.
National Motor Museum
National Motor Museum Website of the National Motor Museum at Beaulieu.
Pininfarina For information on the Pininfarina styling house, Italy.
RH Classic Car Insurance
RH Classic Car Insurance Classic Car Insurance quotes and other information.
Torcars Sun - Tor Register For Sun Tor Campers based on the Austi/Morris half ton van etc.
Wheels Alive!
Wheels Alive! Old cars, new cars, borrowed and blue cars. If it steers it's here! This site is brought to you by fellow club member and motoring journalist: Kim Henson.
Wolseley Owners Club
Wolseley Owners Club Club for all Wolseley owners.
Wolseley Forum
Wolseley Forum Excellent forum for discussions on all things Wolseley.
Wolseley Register
Wolseley Register Club for Wolseley owners.