1961 - 1968

6 cylinder Farina facelift (ADO 53)

As with its 4-cylinder cousins the 6-cylinder farina range had a facelift in October 1961. The A99 now became the A110 Westminster, Wolseley 6/110 and the Vanden Plas Princess 3 Litre MK II. The engine was unchanged in size although it was more powerful, producing 120bhp because of cylinder head changes, a re-profiled camshaft and a new twin exhaust system. The wheelbase was increased by 2inches and a new floor mounted gear stick was fitted. On the Westminster the front end now looked different with a new radiator grille and the sidelights were now oblong without the chrome surround and inside the car the interior was vastly improved.

Although the saloon was the only catalogued model about half  dozen estates were made by Vanden Plas with one
austin_westminster_a110_400.jpg supplied to HM The Queen, one to Leonard Lord, one to George Harriman and the rest to favoured Austin dealers.

From May 1964 the Westminster and the Wolseley received an upgrade and so became the A110 MK II and 6/110 MK II, but the Vanden Plas  Princess 3 Litre was dropped in favour of the 4 Litre R.

The only changes were a 4-speed gearbox which was also fitted to the Austin Healey 3000 and an optional overdrive. The MK II now had smaller 13inch wheels.

There was now standard and de-luxe versions of the A110. 


The standard version had a mesh grille and smaller wheels
as well as different instrument panel and fixed rake leathercloth seats. On the other hand, the Super de-luxe version had leather faced seats that reclined and a wood veneer facia and door cappings and a horizontal bar instrument panel. 


A110/Wolseley 6/110

As A99 except:

Engine and Transmission: 120bhp at 4,750rpm; 163lbs ft at 2, 750rpm. Optional Borg-Warner automatic transmission.

Chassis: Rear suspension with transverse anti-sway hydraulic damper. Optional power assisted steering from 1962.

Dimensions: Wheelbase 9ft 2in; height 5ft 0.5in; weight 3,470lbs.

Performance: Maximum speed 102mph; 0-60 13.3sec; fuel consumption 19mpg. 

A110/Wolseley 6/110 MK II

As A110 except:

Transmission: 4-speed gearbox (no synchromesh on first gear) and optional Borg-Warner overdrive.

Chassis: No rear anti-roll bar; 7.50 x 13in tyres.

Vanden Plas Princess 3Litre MK II

As above except:

Dimensions: Unladen weight (approx.) 3,660lbs

Performance: Maximum speed 105mph; 0-60 16.9sc; fuel consumption 18mpg.

In 1965/6 production of the Westminster was moved to Cowley and due to poor sales the A110 was dropped in January 1968 with the Wolseley following shortly after in March 1968. 

Austin A110 Price £1,270 (approx.) 12,200 built

A110 MK II Price  £999 (standard) £1,113 (de-luxe) Total produced 13,900

Vanden Plas Princess 3 Litre MK II £1532 7900 built.

Wolseley 6/110 Price £1,179 

Wolseley 6/110, Cowley 1961-64 10,800 built

Wolseley 6/110 MK II, Cowley 1964 -68 13,301 built.