The main aim of the club is to help owners of the above vehicles to keep them in a roadworthy and original condition.


As you may be aware new data protection laws came into effect from the 25th May 2018. As a consequence of this we are required to provide you with information on how the Austin Cambridge Westminster Car Club handles the personal information we hold for you and how to contact us if you have any questions on our data processing, or wish to change your preferences with regard to that processing or ways in which we contact you.

All information is held by the Membership Secretary on a password controlled Access Database with back-up CDs and in paper form.

We hold and process information provided by you on your application form including your name, address and contact details as part of the routine operation of the club. This includes maintaining the Austin Cambridge Westminster Car Club stand alone database, forwarding your quarterly newsletter, organising club events and distributing notices and other literature of interest if applicable to our members.

We will hold and process information indefinitely as part of your membership of the Austin Cambridge Westminster Car Club. You may request further details about our processing activities, including a complete record of the data we store about you, ask us to correct the information we hold or ask us to stop processing it by contacting the Membership Secretary. Please note that if you ask us to stop processing your data we will no longer  be able to forward the newsletter or inform you about club activities. You may also ask us to delete the information we hold on you.

We may contact you by post, e-mail, or telephone, where we have the relevant details, unless you have previously specified preferences in this regard. You may change your contact preferences at any time by contacting the Membership Secretary whose contact details can be found in the front of the newsletter.

We do not and never will share your information with any third party except where we are compelled to by law or where you have given us express permission to do so. We also do not obtain information from third parties.

If you move to a new house, please send us your new address and telephone number. If you change your e-mail address please let us know and include your old name and address to match you to the database.

If you leave the club then your details will be deleted from the system with immediate effect. If you fail to renew your membership at the end of the calendar year or at the end of your 3 year membership we will retain your details for 5 months from that date, but if following subsequent reminders you have still not renewed, your details will be deleted from our system.

You have the right to complain to the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) if you think there is a problem with the way we are handling your data.


Membership  Secretary:


Membership Form/Joining the Club

The Membership Form is now on-line to download. If you have a printer connected, you can print the form out from within your web browser and post to the address indicated below.

Nick Strickland,
3 Ghyllside Way,
East Sussex,
TN34 2QG.
Great Britain
Please complete the form and submit your membership or download and post this membership form Membership Form
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    Submit Membership Form and Pay